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The beautiful journey of ÔDE started in 2015 in a small studio in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. In 2020, the label relocated in Vancouver, Canada. The founder Sihame Lucio, a Parisian born, wanted to focus on women self-care and, in a poetic way, to celebrate women diversity and inclusion.

Each piece has been consciously thought,designed and crafted. Comfort, aesthetic, protection and sustainability are the main priorities.


Regarding fabrics: all laces come from France, more precisely from family lace makers in Calais-Caudry or Lyon. They have a real know-how and this for centuries. The quality and the fineness of the lace is one of the highest and it can last years.








ÔDE wants to guarantee a non-harmful garment, so all the materials are certified Oeko-Tex. It is a label that guaranties non-harmful substances.



And last but not least, production: it took some time to find an atelier that shares our values and responds to our standards. We finally found a small family atelier in Latvia, Europe that meets our quality and ethical standards. We visit them two times per year. All our pieces are proudly crafted there or in Canada for our capsule collections.


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